The Chief Education Officer (CEO) of Kupwara district, Abdul Hamid Fani, has taken asignificant step towards making schools in the district free from drugs.

He has instructed all the school heads in Kupwara to obtain an affidavit, from parents stating that their child is not involved in any drug-related activities. The CEO highlighted that if anystudent is found to be engaged in such activities, their admission will beimmediately cancelled.

This proactive approach by CEO Abdul Hamid Fani has received widespread appreciation from the local community. The residents of Kupwara district believe that similar initiatives should be implemented in schools and colleges throughout the Union Territory (UT).

“They recognize the importance of creating drug-free educational environments for the overall well-being of the students.”

A circular has been issued by CEOAbdul Hamid Fani, stating, “As the admission process has commenced forstudents in Class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, the heads of high schools andhigher secondary schools are instructed to obtain an affidavit from parentsconfirming that their child is not involved in any drug-relatedactivities.”  

The circular further states that if anystudent is discovered to be participating in such activities, their admissionwill be canceled immediately. 

This move by CEO Abdul Hamid Fani aims to ensure a safe and drug-free educational environment for students in Kupwara district, setting a precedent for similar measures to be implemented atthe UT level.


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2 thoughts on “Breaking the chains: Kupwara CEO takesbold step to eradicate drugs from schools”
  1. It’s the teacher who can mend any deviant student. Parents have given up & for reasons, find themselves helpless. Here, the school can rescue a student going the other way..Schools cannot & should not refuse admission to such students. The order must be revoked instantly, otherwise you are setting a bad precedence. The CEO has not taken a good step, it’s mere cowardice wh ich our brave teachers have been ordered to follow. Schools are not for the better students only. Remember, you cannot escape responsibility

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