Inayat Qayoom

Pattan, Jan 22: – A devastating fire erupted in Khambiyar village, located in Baramulla’s Pattan region, late last night, resulting in the tragic death of a 26-year-old man and the destruction of two residential houses.

The victim has been identified as Adil Ramzan Dar, son of Mohammad Ramzan Dar, whose life was cut short in the untimely incident. According to official sources, the fire broke out in one of the residential houses during the late hours, and Adil was unable to escape the flames, succumbing to the intense heat.

Preliminary investigations by authorities point to a short circuit in an electric blanket as the cause of the fire. The malfunctioning electrical equipment triggered the blaze, engulfing the house in a matter of moments.

Apart from the loss of life, the raging fire also inflicted damage on two neighboring residential houses, leaving families grappling with the aftermath. Emergency services rushed to the scene to control the flames and prevent further escalation, but the intensity of the blaze proved challenging.

Local law enforcement has taken immediate cognizance of the matter, launching a thorough investigation into the incident. Authorities are working to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the electrical malfunction and the extent of damages to the affected properties.

The tight-knit community in Khambiyar village is now grappling with grief and shock over the sudden loss of Adil Ramzan Dar. As the investigation unfolds, our thoughts go out to the affected families, and the community comes together to support one another during this difficult time.


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