Baramulla: In a heartwarming celebration of love and commitment, the daughter of esteemed senior journalist Karamat Qayoom was united in matrimony through a simple yet impressive Nikkah ceremony. The auspicious event took place at Dar-ul-uloom Mustafi Baramulla and was officiated by the renowned Islamic preacher Mufti Abdul Rahim Shab.

The Nikah ceremony witnessed the nuptial knot of son of renowned poet and writer Mohammed Maqbool Dar alias Maqbool Ferozi with daughter of senior journalist Karamat Qayoom. The ceremony witnessed a notable turnout, with a diverse gathering of individuals from various walks of life, including esteemed Islamic scholars and enthusiastic students from the community. The significance of the event was underscored by the collective presence of individuals who came together to share in the joyous occasion.

Addressing the gathering, Mufti Abdul Rahim Shab emphasized the beauty of simplicity inherent in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. He highlighted that a simple Nikkah encapsulates the true spirit of Islam, reflecting the essence of modesty and sincerity in the union of two individuals.

Commenting further on the role of Nikkah Masjids, Mufti Abdul Rahim Shab expressed the sanctity of these sacred spaces. He underscored their importance as venues where the purity of Islamic traditions is upheld, and where individuals embark on a lifelong journey guided by faith and devotion. The Masjid, as a witness to these sacred unions, stands as a symbol of community support and spiritual guidance.

The Nikkah ceremony served as a reminder of the timeless values embedded in the Islamic tradition, celebrating the union of two souls in a ceremony marked by simplicity, piety, and communal joy. The event exemplified the harmonious coming together of families and friends, affirming the enduring bonds woven through the fabric of love and faith.


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