Aarifeen School of Excellence in collaboration with one of the leading counselling and development companies, INQUAD Chandigarh organised a webinar titled ‘Are You Living Your Aspirations Through Your Child?’ on Saturday.

On the occasion, Founder and Managing Consultant at InnatePro, Fakhre Azam Khan who has expertise in human behaviour, communication and personality training and multi dimensional counselling briefed the audience about child psychology, child’s aptitude, his behavior and his intelligence skills besides various parenting techniques.

“Some parents see their children as extensions of themselves, rather than as separate people with their own hopes and dreams. Parents are the trusted relations of a child and after that teachers but let’s not suppress their individuality. Treat your child as an individual,” Fakhre Azam said.

Mr. Azam, who was the main resource person, said that it might put pressure on children to try to live up to their parents’ unfulfilled ambitions, rather than pursuing their own ambitions.

“Let us not give our children a borrowed life. Let them stand up on their own, explore new things, their innate skills. We should always focus on their stability. It is important for the parent to constantly keep in mind that his or her primary role is that of a parent. We are here for a purpose. Handling your child in the right direction is more important than suppressing his or her capabilities,” he added.

A question answer session was held at the end of the webinar, wherein parents posed several questions to the resource person.

Aarifeen School of Excellence thanked the guest speaker for the informative session and parents for participating in the webinar and assured that such programs will be held in near future also for the betterment of our students.


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