JKCSF demands safety of commuters, composite trafic policy .


Expressing shock over the voracious road accident of a passenger bus in Doda in which about 38 passengers lost their lives, Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has demanded for a composite traffic policy to ensure the safety of commuters. In a statement issued here Chairman Forum Abdul Qayoom Wani said that govt should bring a foolproof trafic cum transport policy to ensure the safety of passengers and to minimize the chances of road accidents. Wani said all the elements viz drivers, roads and the vehicles should be brought under the revised policy and rules should be framed to curb practices of unlicenced driving, fast driving, non tecnical driving, road vulnerability and the condition of vehicles.
” There should be regular checks by the trafic department not only for documents but even for the practice of professional driving by licence holders” wani said

The narrow roads of farflung areas should be widened under the policy and the deteriorated roads should be regularly repaired.

Also passenger buses should be regularly monitored and in no case overloading should be allowed.
The policy should have norms that how many private vehicles a family can have. This will minimize the trafic rush on roads.
Till a revised policy is framed trafic department should give wide publicity to current traffic rules to make public aware of the dos and donts of the traffic.
Human lives are important and a composite traffic cum transport policy can play vital role in saving these lives.Statement said.


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