Consensus reached on one month period for resolution of issues, says Association President Abdul Majeed


Rehan Qayoom

Srinagar, Mar 11 :

The All Jammu and Kashmir Patwar Association called off its strike after eleven days on Saturday. The announcement was made by the Association President after holding virtual meetings with the Divisional Commissioner and other regional offices of both Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing a presser, the All Jammu and Kashmir, Patwar Association President Abdul Majeed, as per GNS said that a meeting was held between the Patwar association and several government offices in an attempt to resolve the issue.

“The meetings were held in several phases and the first phase particularly was contentious”, he said adding the government offices tried to dissuade the Association, but members of the Association stood firm with their demands.

“After the first phase, two more meetings were held. One of these meetings was conducted via video conference and was attended by the Commissioner Secretary of Revenue and other officials from Jammu,” he said. “The meeting was supervised by the Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir amid the presence of the members of the Association.”

During these meetings, Majeed said, “the government requested a time period of three months to resolve the issue. However, the members of the Patwar Association resented the proposal, as they believe that the issues have already been lingering for too long. As a result, they proposed an alternative time period of one month, which after a consensus the government agreed to.”

“The Association as such decided to defer its strike for a period of one month”, Majeed said adding however if the government fails to take concrete steps towards resolving the issue within the given time period, they will resume their strike.

“The members of the association are hopeful that the government will take their demands seriously and work towards a mutually beneficial solution,” he further opined. (GNS)

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