Srinagar, Mar 11:

A local Court in Srinagar has restrained media from publishing any news about a female doctor, who is caught in a controversy, and directed for hiding of all the posts concerning the matter until the next date of hearing.

The second Additional Munsif, Srinagar, according to Srinagar based news agency Kashmir Dot Com has said, ”Till the objections are filed by the other side and same are considered, the defendants in complaint are restrained from Publishing any news about the plaintiff through the Medium of any form of media till the next date of hearing.”

The next date of hearing has been fixed on March 28.

Court said, “The defendants (media persons) are further directed to hide the posts concerning the subject matter in issue, if uploaded on their web portals or social media platforms till the next date of hearing.”

Last week, an unmarried female patient alleged that the gynaecologist in question demanded money from her for the termination of “pregnancy”, after she was “shown” two pregnancy test kits declaring her positive.

However, the allegations were refuted by the said doctor, while the reports circulated on social media tagged the entire episode as a “pregnancy scam” and mostly one-sided.

The concerned doctor, who then had to come out to present her side of the story, said that when the patient reached out to her, she was carrying a USG report, which showed “increased endometrial thickness” with the complaint of “repeated bleeding.”

To confirm the same, the doctor advised Beta HCG, which is a confirmatory test in this regard. “After taking samples, the patient had gone; then the report of the Beta HCG came; I have been accused of demanding money for D&C which was out of the question when she was not even pregnant,” the doctor said. (KDC)


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