The Supreme Court is poised to deliver its verdict on Monday regarding the constitutional validity of the Centre’s decision to revoke Article 370.

In Jammu and Kashmir, various parties express hope for the restoration of the provision, while authorities on the ground claim to have made sufficient security arrangements.

“We are confident that it will no longer remain a political issue after the Supreme Court verdict. We are all citizens of this democratic country, and everyone should respect and accept whatever decision the honourable Supreme Court takes. Our judiciary is the greatest. There should be no politics on the verdict,” BJP’s Jammu and Kashmir President Ravinder Raina said.

The BJP stresses the need for no political exploitation of the Supreme Court ruling and calls for universal respect for it.

National Conference Vice President, Omar Abdullah assures that, irrespective of the verdict, his party will maintain peace and continue its legal battle.

“The Supreme Court has to give its verdict, let it. If we had to disturb the situation, we would have done it after 2019. However, we said it then and we reiterate it now that our fight will be peaceful and as per the Constitution, taking the help of the law to protect our rights and preserve our identity.

What is wrong in it? Don’t we have a right to say this in a democracy? Can’t we raise objections in a democracy? If others can talk, why not us?,” said Omar.

He added, “The Supreme Court has not passed a verdict yet. How do you know what is the verdict? Maybe it is in our favour! Then what is the need to call my party colleagues to police stations… Allah willing, if the verdict goes against them (BJP), what will you do if they start writing against it on Facebook?”

Mehbooba Mufti, president of the People’s Democratic Party, insists that the court’s decision should unequivocally declare the BJP-led government’s action as “illegal.” Both the National Conference and the PDP, part of the People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration, seek the reinstatement of Article 370.

“I think the decision should be simple that whatever was done on August 5, 2019, was illegal, unconstitutional, against Jammu and Kashmir and the promises made to the people here,” Mufti said.

Former Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad expresses optimism that the Supreme Court will favor the people. He highlights that only Parliament and the Supreme Court can restore Articles 370 and 35A. Azad acknowledges the non-partisan nature of the Supreme Court and hopes for a decision in favor of the people.

Authorities said to have implemented adequate security measures to maintain peace.

Inspector General of Police, V K Birdi, said that he avoids disclosing specific security details but asserts that necessary precautions have been taken.

The Supreme Court, after reserving its verdict in September, is scheduled to deliver it on December 11. The five-judge Constitution bench, headed by Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud, will announce the decision. The bench heard petitions challenging the abrogation of Article 370, with various parties presenting their arguments.


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