Mallard, Gadwall, Geese among other species arrive at Hokersar wetland:  Wildlife Warden, Wetlands Kashmir; Hokersar hosted 5 lakh migratory birds last year


Srinagar, Dec 08: With the onset of winter in Kashmir, the migratory birds have started flocking to the wetlands across the Valley with officials stating that Mallard, Gadwalls and geese have arrived at the Hokersar wetland, here.

Ifshan Dewan, Wildlife Warden, Wetlands Kashmir, while talking to said that the migratory birds have started arriving the wetlands here and at present a number of birds including Mallard, Gadwall and almost 100-200 Geese are among the species witnessed at Hokersar wetland.

“These birds flock to Kashmir every year during the winter period,” she said, adding that they flock to Kashmir from different parts of the world including Siberia, Northern Europe and Central Asian Countries where the temperature remains low.

The wetlands are among the main attractions for these birds as the wetlands are their habitation, she said, adding that in the previous year, Hokersar hosted 5 lakh migratory birds and this year also, the number is very good.

Asked about the situation during freezing temperature, she said in case the water body is frozen, the birds are being provided artificial feed, however these birds rely on the natural food only.

About the poaching incidents, she said, “I appeal to the people that these birds are our guests and cooperate with the department in ensuring their safety here in the wetlands of Kashmir,” she said


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