Protocols followed, flights resumed safely: Officials

Srinagar, May 31:

A bomb threat call targeting Vistara flight UK611, arriving from New Delhi, prompted immediate action by airport authorities at Srinagar International Airport. The incident unfolded when Air Traffic Control (ATC) Srinagar received a threatening call, sparking a swift and coordinated response from the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

A top official told Srinagar based news agency Kashmir Dot Com that following established safety protocols, the CISF quickly evacuated the aircraft and conducted a thorough search of the plane and its surroundings. Passengers and crew members were escorted to a secure area while the investigation was underway. Bomb disposal squads and sniffer dogs were deployed to meticulously inspect the aircraft for any suspicious items. After an exhaustive search, no explosives were found on board.

An airport official confirmed that the threat was deemed non-credible, and normal operations resumed shortly thereafter. “All necessary precautions were taken to ensure the safety of passengers and staff. Flights have now resumed as per schedule,” the official stated.

Passengers at the airport praised the efficiency and professionalism of the CISF and airport authorities in managing the situation without causing undue panic.

Authorities are now investigating the origin of the threat call. Enhanced security measures remain in place to ensure the continued safety of all flights operating through Srinagar International Airport.–(KDC)


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