New Delhi, Mar 15:

Twenty-two joint secretaries have been appointed in different central government departments as part of a senior-level bureaucratic reshuffle effected on Friday by the Centre.

These officers are from Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS) and India Postal Service (IPoS) among others.

Senior bureaucrat Deepankar Aron has been named joint secretary, department of chemicals and petrochemicals, Harish Kumar Vashisth will be joint DG, Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Siddharth Mahajan has been named as joint secretary in the department of commerce, according to a personnel ministry order.

Anand Madhukar will be Additional DG, Archaeological Survey of India, Swati Meena Naik has been named as the joint secretary, department of drinking water and sanitation, and Ravi Shanakar and Gulzar N will be joint secretaries in the department of food and public distribution.

Manoj Kumar Jain will be executive director (Engg/IT), FCI HQ under the department of food and public distribution. Pushpendra Rajput and Saurabh Jain have been appointed as the joint secretaries in the department of health and family welfare, the order said.

Senior civil servants Mihir Kumar, Parthasarathi Gurrala and Abhijit Sinha have been appointed as the joint secretaries in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Gujarat-cadre IPS officer Vipul Aggarwal has been named as principal commissioner, Delhi Development Authority, Jagannath Srinivasan will be joint secretary, department of justice while Alok Mishra has been named joint secretary in the ministry of labour and employment and Bhaskar Choradia will be additional Central Provident Fund Commissioner (HQ), Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO).

Sanjay Pandey has been appointed as financial advisor and chief account officer, EPFO, Kunal Satyarthi will be joint secretary in the department of land resources, Mahabir Prasad will be joint secretary and financial advisor at ministry of power, Ajeet Kumar Srivastava has been named commissioner, national education society for tribal students (NESTS) and Sarwesh Kumar Arya will be joint secretary in the ministry of women and child development, the order said.


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