Srinagar, Mar 28 :

In response to repeated violations of laws protecting the identities of Children in Need of Care and Protection and Children in Conflict with Law, the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) has taken decisive action. In a circular the child welfare committee  srinagar said, “Recent incidents have highlighted the alarming trend of media personnel disclosing the identities of vulnerable children, a serious offense punishable under relevant provisions of the Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act, 20.Despite previous appeals to the media fraternity to refrain from such actions, instances of identity disclosure persist, prompting the CWC to escalate its efforts. The committee has formally requested the Director of the Information Department to sensitize media personnel and enforce stricter verification measures for those handling media equipment”.In light of continued violations, the CWC has announced stringent measures to combat the issue. “Any media personnel found violating the laws will face imprisonment for up to six months or a fine of up to two lakh rupees, or both”.Furthermore, the CWC has issued directives to Child Care Institutions (CCIs) and Darul Alooms to prevent unauthorized entry and prohibit the use of children for fundraising activities. “Failure to comply may result in closure and legal action against the management.This notice serves as a final warning to media personnel to refrain from disclosing the identities of vulnerable children. Any further violations will result in swift legal action. The CWC remains committed to safeguarding the rights and privacy of children in need of care and protection, emphasizing the importance of adherence to legal provisions”.(KNS)


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