Baramulla, Feb 08 :

Scores of people gathered near Kiryapa Park in Baramulla on Thursday evening to hold a candlelight vigil denouncing the killings of two non-local civilians in the capital city of Srinagar.

According reports ,the peaceful protest, attended by traders, transporters, and civil society members of Baramulla, was held in response to the innocent killing of two non-locals in Srinagar.

The protesters termed the killings of the duo as a collective loss to society and an attack on the communal harmony of Jammu and Kashmir.

Omar Kakroo, former President of the Municipal Council (MC) Baramulla, denounced the killings of civilians, stating killing any innocent civilian is a highly condemnable act and no religion on earth teaches such actions.

“We stand in solidarity with the families of the non-local civilians killed in Srinagar yesterday. It’s our collective loss. Innocent killings have no place in our society,” he said.

He appealed to the DGP RR Swain to enhance the process of apprehending the perpetrators behind these barbaric killings. “As a civil society, we oppose the killing of innocent civilians that occurred in Srinagar and this gathering is a message to the perpetrators that their wicked tactics won’t damage the communal harmony of Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.

Ishfaq Ahmad, a trader who was part of the protests, said that the people of Baramulla as a whole denounce the killing and appeal to the government to nab the culprits behind this barbaric act and punish them according to the law.


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