Says only Congress can restore Statehood to J&K

Srinagar, Feb 25 :

Asserting that alliance of Congress, NC and PDP will fight forthcoming Parliamentary polls in Jammu & Kashmir together, J&K Congress party chief Vikar Rasool Wani Sunday said that talks are underway with regional political parties and a good news for people of J&K will come soon.

Wani said that BJP, its agencies and “godi-media” employed every effort to break the INDIA alliance and resolve of its constituents but they failed in this attempt. “Today every party of the alliance is returning to the bloc. In J&K talks are underway with NC and PDP, and soon you will see there will be good news for people of Jammu & Kashmir. All three parties will fight Parliamentary polls in J&K together,” Wani said.

He asserted that only Congress party can ease out sufferings of people of Jammu and Kashmir as they have come to about destructions and damages made by BJP. “Only Congress party has a potential to resolve the issues of people. Even if anyone can restore Statehood to J&K it is only Congress,” he said.

Wani who was speaking to reporters in Jammu said that BJP government left no stone unturned to harm people of the region in one way or the other. “People are well aware that Congress party is the one who can safeguard the interests of people of Jammu and Kashmir, be it protection of land, jobs etc,” Wani said.

He said that Congress party has become popular in the country and it becomes strongest with each passing day. “If anyone can undo smart electricity meters and other burdens it is only Congress. So it is humble appeal to people of J&K to vote Congress and its alliance partners in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections so that the damage inflicted by BJP in past several years will come to an end,” he said.

He said BJP gave nothing to Jammu & Kashmir except destruction and harm. “We want elections to be held here be it Municipality, Panchayat or Assembly. If people want it then they should support Congress party”. (KNS)


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