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Sheeri, March 2, 2024: A momentous occasion unfolded at the PM Shri Government High School (GHS) Fatehgarh as the inauguration ceremony of its newly constructed kindergarten building took place with grandeur and enthusiasm. The event, held on March 2nd, witnessed the convergence of esteemed dignitaries, dedicated educators, and proud community members, marking a significant leap forward in the school’s journey towards educational excellence.

The inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of the DDC Chairperson of district Baramulla Safina Baigh, who presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Alongside her were notable figures including the Deputy CEO of Baramulla Harmohinder Singh, ZEO Fatehgarh Ashiq Hussain Kar, Principal of HSS Fatehgarh Shameem Ahmad Bhat, Head of Institution at GHS Fatehgarh Ali Mohmmad Czor,DD and other distinguished guests.

Amidst a backdrop of anticipation and pride, Mrs. Safina Baigh commended the collaborative efforts that led to the fruition of the kindergarten building project. She extended her gratitude to the engineers, contractors, construction workers, and teachers for their unwavering dedication and commitment towards enhancing educational infrastructure in the region.

The newly inaugurated building stands as a beacon of modernity and inclusivity, equipped with three spacious classrooms, an administrative room, and gender-sensitive washroom facilities. Designed to withstand seismic activity and cater to the needs of children of all abilities, the infrastructure promises to provide a nurturing and conducive learning environment for over 150 students.

In her address, Mrs. Safina Baigh reiterated the importance of investing in education and pledged to support further developments in educational infrastructure within the district. She assured the school community of her commitment to addressing their evolving needs and fostering a conducive environment for holistic learning and growth.

The inauguration of the kindergarten building at PM Shri GHS Fatehgarh symbolizes a significant milestone in the school’s journey towards academic excellence and inclusivity. It serves as a testament to the collective vision and tireless efforts of all stakeholders involved, reaffirming the belief in the transformative power of education in shaping a brighter future for generations to come.


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