Jammu, November 25:

Conducting public grievances redressal programmes are aimed to address the genuine grievances and get an insight from the people for improving the police services. This was stated by Director General of Police J&K Shri R.R Swain at his first public darbar at Jammu which was second in the series of the public grievances redressal programme launched by the DGP J&K recently.

The Public grievances redressal programme was attended by a large number of people including women from different parts of Jammu Zone.

The DGP heard the grievances of all the people one by one and assured redressal of genuine grievances on priority.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the programme, the DGP said that the Public Direct hearing initiative is aimed to address the genuine grievances and to get an insight from people for improving the police services. These programmes are aimed to boost confidence among people and would be useful in strengthening police public connection adding that it would also demonstrate a message for field formations that they too have to ensure redressal of Public grievances at their jurisdictional levels. He said that the main objective of this exercise is to keep a check on services being extended by Police to the public at different levels. It is an experiment for the noble cause, he added.

The role of the police is to develop peace and security in society but for this purpose the force has to act tough against some elements. The DGP said that services rendered by police are very critical and added that there might be few erring personnel in the department but the department as one unit is doing commendable job. Hundreds of police personnel/officers are working 24×7 for the safety and security of the people, he added. There are provisions under which disciplinary proceedings for the erring few, however, we have to condone an ‘honest mistake’. Police job is not easy as he/she has to serve beyond normal working hours and days and has to calibrate the response to a given situation.

Regarding the prevailing situation, the DGP said that we should not be overly alarmed but the people should remain alert because the intent of the adversary across the border continues to be inimical. However, its capability to harm is not as it intends to project, he added. He said that it is a long porous border and whole system across the border is convoluted thus posing a challenge but Indian state and its government has the wherewithal, the will, the resoluteness to defeat it and not allow it to become a cause of concern where normal life, business activities and peace and security would be derailed. Individual incidents happen but this does not mean they are in a position to run over the place or majorly change the security scenario. These incidents will also be taken care of as all of us including people are sitting together to prevent such incidents in future. Regarding the Rajouri-Poonch incident, he said that people themselves are coming forward to inform, which shows that people are our partners in this fight. The enemy can only pinprick us but cannot put us down, he added. Pakistan and its terror handlers are running their business through their illicit activities so we have to be alert, the DGP added. Pakistani terror handlers are recruiting poor people in their country for terror activities in this part of our country while they themselves enjoy a lavish life.

Earlier at the very outset of the programme, the DGP requested the People to raise the issues/grievances pertaining to police services only and help the department to improve services for the public. This initiative is not aimed for recruitment of SPOs and transfers, he informed.

Pertinent to mention that this was the second programme of the public grievance rederssal initiative launched by the DGP, J&K at Srinagar recently.


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