Bandipora, Mar 17 :

In terms of the instructions from Election Commission of India, the District Magistrate/District Election Officer (DM/DEO) Sunday ordered that there shall be a total ban on use of official vehicle by any political party, candidate or any other person connected with election (except officials performing any election related official duty) for campaigning, electioneering or election related travel during elections (subject to certain exception), within territorial jurisdiction of district Bandipora, till the culmination of General Elections to Lok Sabha-2024.

“It is further clarified that the expression official vehicle means and shall include, any vehicle used or capable of being used for the purpose of transport, whether propelled by mechanical power or otherwise and will include trucks, lorries, tempos, jeeps, cars, auto rickshaws, e-rickshaws, buses, belonging to Central Government, State Government/UT Administrations, public undertakings of Central/State Government, Joint sector undertakings of Central/State Government, local bodies, municipal corporations, marketing boards, cooperative societies or any other body in which public funds, however small a portion of the total, are invested,” reads the order, as per GNS.

The order further reads that these instructions shall be strictly adhered to by all concerned Government departments, political parties, candidates, etc.

Sr. Superintendent of Police, Bandipora and Additional District Magistrate, Bandipora (Nodal Officer-MCC), have been designated to ensure implementation of these instructions in letter and spirit. (GNS)


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