Accuse authorities of wasting public money on ‘useless’ projects; Dir ULB says project yet to be completed, efforts on to beautify towns

Waris Fayaz

Baramulla, Sep 14 :

If you wish to see the dry fountains across north Kashmir towns gush with water, you will have to wait till any VVIP plans a visit. The defunct fountains in the region have always been a question mark for authorities with people accusing the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) Kashmir of wasting public money.

Projected to facelift the town’s beauty, the fountains at vital intersections in Pattan, Sopore and Rafiabad across the Baramulla district are appearing dry, with people stating that these projects start functioning only when any VVIP plans a visit to the areas and go dysfunctional hours after they leave which clearly is an example of wasteful official spending.

Talking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), the locals while accusing the department of Urban Local Bodies Kashmir of wasting the public exchequer said that instead of using the funds on such a “useless” project, the authorities should have been a bit constructive in using the funds to ease the miseries being faced by the commoners.

“The money which was spent on this project is totally wasted, instead such money should have been used for the other developmental projects particularly a dumping yard as it is very unfortunate that the town is lacking a garbage dumping site,” the people in Sopore town said.

We have seen fountains functional only on a few occasions especially whenever there is any official/VVIP visit in the town, said Zaid, a local, adding, “During a recent visit by Lieutenant Governor, a PHE tanker could be seen filling the fountain with water, while the town is grappling with the drinking water scarcity.”

Though number of times, officials at the Municipal Council Sopore told KNO that the fountain would be made functional following some repairing after a technical snag; however, the assurances proved as hoaxes.

“It seems the developmental project is just to please VVIPs as whenever there is any visit, the fountains start functioning; however, these shortly go out of order when they leave. It hardly lasts for a day,” said Pattan residents.

The locals at Watergam in Rafiabad narrate the same ordeal. “The fountain lasted for only a few days. The efforts from the authorities were quite impressive but the dysfunctional fountain has always disappointed us,” they said.

Meanwhile, Director Urban Local Bodies, Kashmir, Mathoora Masoom denied the allegations of wasting funds, saying the locals can accuse only and people should clear the accusation grounds with facts.

Mathoora said the fountain project is yet to achieve its completion level and is still in work progress. Blaming the executing agency – Roads and Buildings Department, the director said the project is yet to be handed over to them due to the slow pace of work by the agency.

“There are a number of projects on cards for the beautification of cities and towns. Funds have been allotted for the installation of streetlights too, and steps in this regard have been taken and works are going on,” she said.

The Director ULB added, “I don’t think our funds are going to waste or lapse anywhere. The works are going everywhere and it is not like things will happen overnight. Our projects worth Rs 50 crore are all set to be inaugurated while the projects of Rs 40 crore are going for the foundations.”—(KNO)


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