Barmaulla Headquarters Grapple with Agricultural Woes Amidst Lack of Horticulture Development Officer

Reyaz Rashid

Barmaulla: Famous for its sprawling horticulture landscapes, Barmaulla district finds itself in distress as the pivotal role of Horticulture Development Officer (HDO) remains unfilled for half a decade.Farmers and orchardists within the expansive zone have voiced their concerns over the detrimental impact of this prolonged vacancy on their livelihoods.The absence of an HDO, the linchpin of agricultural development and support, has left a void in the administration, causing distress among farmers who rely on expert guidance and assistance. With no designated officer to oversee horticultural initiatives and address farmers’ grievances, the region faces a myriad of challenges ranging from pest control to crop management.In the absence of a dedicated HDO, the responsibility of overseeing horticultural activities has fallen on technicians and junior employees, ill-equipped to handle the complexities of the agricultural sector. Farmers lament the lack of specialized expertise and personalized attention, which they argue is indispensable for optimizing crop yields and combating agricultural adversities.”Handing over the charge to technicians and junior employees is a mere stopgap measure that fails to address the fundamental needs of farmers and orchardists,” remarked a concerned farmer from the Barmaulla region. “Without the guidance and support of an experienced HDO, our agricultural endeavors are marred by uncertainty and inefficiency.”The Department of Horticulture, under mounting pressure from aggrieved farmers and stakeholders, faces calls for immediate action to fill the vacant HDO position and revitalize agricultural development efforts in the region. As Barmaulla continues to grapple with the repercussions of this prolonged vacancy, the plight of farmers underscores the critical importance of robust administrative leadership in sustaining agricultural prosperity.


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