Mock drill conducted at GMC Baramula to assess COVID preparedness

Reyaz Rashid

Baramulla:In response to the subtle surge in COVID cases, a mock drill was conducted at GMC Baramula to evaluate the facility’s preparedness for any eventualities related to the pandemic. 

The drill was carried out under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Ruby Reshi, the Principal of GMC Baramula, and was also supervised by several other officials, including Medical Supritendent Associate Hospital GMC Baramulla Dr. Parvaiz Masoodi and Prof. Dr. Basharat HOD Anesthesia, Covid  Nodal Officer Dr Yasir Bashir and Dr. Touseef (Nodal officers for oxygen Management).

The mock drill involved a detailed review of the facility’s total bed strength, oxygen supply, availability of drugs, rosters for doctors and paramedics, hygiene, and other logistics. The team also inspected the oxygen plants and RTPCR lab and reiterated the importance of preparedness for any eventuality.

GMC Baramula has a total COVID bed strength of 50, including eight HDU/ICU beds, one male ward, and one female ward. The facility also has a total oxygen supply of 4700 LPM and one RTPCR lab.

Dr. Ruby Reshi urged the general public to observe utmost precautions and COVID-appropriate behavior without panicking. The mock drill was conducted as desired by higher officials to ensure that the facility is well-prepared to handle any surge in COVID cases.

The inspection involved a comprehensive evaluation of the hospital’s COVID care facilities, including infection control procedures, personal protective equipment availability, testing and treatment facilities, and the overall preparedness of the healthcare workers to handle COVID-19 patients.

Additionally, the inspection also included a review of the hospital’s contingency plans for handling a surge in COVID-19 cases, which included the availability of additional beds, oxygen supply, and other critical resources. The team also assessed the hospital’s communication plan for disseminating information about COVID-19 to the public and other stakeholders.

The aim of the inspection was to ensure that the hospital is adequately prepared to handle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and is well-equipped to manage any future outbreaks. The Principal GMC Baramulla stressed the need for a robust response to the pandemic and emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety of healthcare workers and patients.

Dr (Prof) Ruby Reshi expressed satisfaction with the hospital’s COVID care facilities and praised the healthcare workers for their dedication and hard work in these trying times. The Principal also reiterated the hospital’s commitment to providing quality healthcare services to the people of the region.

Overall, the inspection of COVID-19 arrangements in a medical facility aimed to ensure that the facility is well-equipped to handle the situation and is adequately prepared to manage any future outbreaks.


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