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Rohama Rafaibad:In an effort to promote skill development and training among the youth, the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Rohama Rafaibad took center stage during the recent Back to Village Program Five (B2V5).

This initiative aimed to raise awareness about the array of courses offered by the institute, empowering the local community with vital skills and knowledge.At the forefront of this endeavor was Senior Stenography Instructor, Javid Ahmad, who played a pivotal role as the point person for the awareness program.

His leadership and expertise provided valuable insights and guidance to the attendees, emphasizing the importance of vocational training in today’s competitive landscape.The event served as a platform for ITI Rohama to showcase various skill development courses tailored to meet the demands of diverse industries.

From technical trades to specialized training, the institute highlighted the significance of these programs in equipping the youth with practical skills crucial for employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.Under Javid Ahmad’s guidance, the attendees were enlightened about the wide spectrum of training modules available at ITI Rohama. The institute’s commitment to nurturing talent and empowering the local youth was evident through engaging presentations and informative sessions conducted during the B2V5 program.

Local participants and community members lauded the efforts of ITI Rohama in promoting skill development and vocational training, acknowledging the significant impact such initiatives have on the socio-economic growth of the region.

The B2V5 program not only fostered awareness but also encouraged active participation and enrollment in the various courses offered by ITI Rohama Rafaibad, signaling a promising step towards empowering the local community with valuable skills and knowledge.The success of the awareness program underscores the essential role that vocational training and skill development initiatives play in shaping the future of the region, promising a skilled and empowered workforce ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The ITI Rohama Rafaibad’s contribution during the B2V5 program stands as a testament to their dedication to empower the local community and foster a brighter future through education and skill development.


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