Srinagar, Feb 19: In a bid to avoid any confusion during the anticipated VVIP visit to the district, the Jammu administration on Monday clamped a blanket ban on the sale and use of firecrackers till Tuesday evening.

“Whereas, it has been made to appear to me by the inputs received from Police authorities and also otherwise that use of firecrackers may create confusion among the security forces and public while at the same time causing serious breach of peace and order and disturbance of public tranquility during the upcoming VVIP visit in District Jammu”, reads an order, a copy of which lies with SNS Kashmir.

“Whereas it is desirable that any breach of peace and order and disturbance of public tranquility which might cause danger to human lives and properties should be immediately prevented”, remarks the order adding “Whereas for the aforementioned reasons, the undersigned (DM Jammu Sachin Kumar Vaishya), is of the opinion that there is sufficient ground to proceed under section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973.”

“Now therefore, I Sachin Kumar Vaishya, IAS, District Magistrate, Jammu by exercise of powers vested upon me under Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 hereby prohibit the sale/purchase and use firecrackers in District Jammu”, reads the order. “The order shall come into force with immediate effect and shall remain operative till 5pm on 20th February, 2024.

Any violation of this order shall invite punitive action under section 188 of Indian Penal Code, 1860.””In view of the emergent nature of the order, it is being issued ex-parte and is addressed to public in general”, reads the order. Pertinent to mention here that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Jammu on February 20.

The PM Modi will inaugurate various projects, including AIIMS, Jammu, world’s highest railway bridge over Chenab, and north India’s first river rejuvenation project — Devika river project — in Udhampur.


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