Srinagar, Feb 10 : The appointments Committee of the cabinet has approved empanelment of the Syed Javaid Mujtaba Gilani (IPS) for holding posts at the Centre at the level of ADG/ADGE.

The former Inspector General of Police Kashmir, Gilani, is among 33 Indian Police Service officers who have been empanelled by the cabinet’s appointments Committee. Other officers include Harmeet Singh, Gaurav Yadav, Satish Golcha, Deepak Kumar , Amit Kumar , Anupama Nilekar Chandra, Kundan Krishnan , Manoj Shashidhar, Rakesh Aggarwal , Sampat Meena , Pronab Mohanty, Deven Bharati , Anant Kumar Singh, Manmeet Singh Narang , Yeshwant Kumar Jethwa , Anita Punj , Sudhanshu S. Srivastava , Praveen Kumar Sinha , Amardeep Singh Rai , Rajesh Kumar Arya , N. Sridhar Rao , Apte Vinayak Prabhakar , Shikha Goel, G. Venkataraman, Anurag TR , Binod Kumar Singh , Akhil Kumar , Prakash D, Neeraj Thakur , Anurag Kumar, Anand Mohan , and T. K. Vinod Kumar.


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