New Delhi, Aug 31

Chief Secretary, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta Thursday directed all the Deputy Commissioners to raise awareness amongst all the people above 5 years of age about the digital initiatives in J&K.

Dr Mehta was speaking in a function held to declare open the ‘Digital Week’ being organized by the IT Department and attended by thousands of individuals and school children throughout the length and breadth of the UT.

During his address, the Chief Secretary observed that the malaise of ‘Corruption’ can be largely addressed through ‘Online Services’ and digital services are best antidote to evil of corruption. He maintained that the digital services are not only accessible and transparent but also non-discriminatory and more efficient, besides being less costly and cumbersome.

The Chief Secretary stated that the celebration of this week is only aimed at making people aware about their rights. He noted that only those favoring corruption are against such transformations. He advised people to seek their rights and avoid visiting offices physically by applying for services from the comforts of their homes. He also impressed upon the IT Department to devise the ways like that of establishing call center or sending messages to applicants about the status of their applications.

Dr Mehta reiterated that today J&K is at the top in adoption of IT-enabled solutions in governance. He called it a sheer commitment on part of the LG administration and gave credit to ‘Team J&K’ comprising of all the Deputy Commissioners, HoDs, all Administrative Secretaries and Secretary IT Department.

Dr Mehta noted that J&K has come a long way in transforming itself from a laggard to leader when it comes to bringing governance at the doorsteps of people. He hoped that the UT should emerge as a role model to other States/UTs in the country. He underscored that J&K has the required capacity, capability, drive and desire to be the best. He said that digital Governance is the new ethos and is the way forward to future ready J&K.

He also gave credit to the people of J&K who very ably adapted themselves with the brisk changes happening around them. He made out that in the months to come J&K is aiming at upgrading from the current tally of 1016 to nearly 1500. He made out that our slogan should be that “Digital hai to Sahi hai”.

On the occasion the Commissioner Secretary, IT, Prerna Puri, who hosted the events virtually from Kala Kendra Jammu showed her gratitude to the Divisional and District Administrations for their unequivocal support in making this programme a grand success. She said that this digital journey of the UT would not have been possible without their active support. She thanked people for participating in huge numbers and showing their level of enthusiasm.

It was further informed that IT Department is going to announce the ‘Digital J&K Awards’ to recognize digital initiatives across the UT.

While giving their remarks the Divisional Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners informed about the steps they had taken to realize the objectives set out for the week long programme. They informed about the kind of stalls and information material prepared by them. They gave details about the activities planned for the week.

The week long mega awareness camps are to be simultaneously held at numerous places in every district where Deputy Commissioners and other district level officers, PRIs, students and general public are going to participate in large numbers.


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