Gulmarg Kashmir, 3 January :

In a significant development, experts from the Indian Fertility Society (IFS) have raised alarms over the surge in infertility cases in Jammu and Kashmir. Concerns were highlighted during the national conference on “ART & Reproductive Medicine” Current Scenario and Treatment’ held in Gulmarg.

The conference organised by IFS Kashmir Chapter in collaboration with Med Age IVF Centre, Srinagar, was attended by 150 delegates from across the country to discuss current issues related to infertility and its treatment in J&K and the country.

The experts who presented the papers at the conference said there is a huge rise in infertility cases and only a few reliable infertility and IVF centers are available for the treatment. To address the issue, an initiative “Sudeeksh” a national project, was launched for Kashmir during the conference. Sudeeksha aims to train postgraduates in gynaecology at the grassroots level to give appropriate and ethical treatment to infertile couples.

The program would bring awareness about the problems in society and provide solutions by holding educative sessions and public forums. The start of national data collection for practices in Kashmir was also discussed as an important need during the conference. IFS Kashmir would take the lead in these programs and involve senior faculty from medical colleges who were present at the conference and agreed that they would join hands to make this happen.
Founder Secretary of IFS Kashmir.

Dr Syed Sajjad Hussain, who was the chief organiser of the conference, stressed on need for understanding the national laws on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and urged all doctors to follow ethical practices under these laws. Chief Spokesperson, IFS Kashmir, Prof Ambreen Qureshi highlighted the changing incidence and trends in infertility in Kashmir.
Top experts from across the country in the field including President IFS, Dr KD Nayer; Secretary IFS, Dr Surveen Ghumman, President-elect IFS, Col (Prof) Pankaj Talwar, IVF and reproductive health experts; professors and doctors from the country’s top medical institutions; and HODs and gynaecologists from the government medical colleges and institutions of J&K UT participated in the conference. The conference was an attempt to project Kashmir’s infertility problems at the national level through IFS and become partners in the national level programs. It is a progressive step for both the doctors and the public of Kashmir.
In the end, the renowned IVF expert of country, Dr Syed Sajjad explained the present dignitaries and professors of Gynaecology the six years statistics of IVF pregnancies and live birth rate at MED AGE IVF centre, Srinagar from January 2017 to December 2022.
Organisers said the aim of hosting the conference at the snow-capped and pristine Gulmarg, the world-famous ski resort, was to bring the country’s top medicos to Kashmir so that it can open the way for medical tourism here.
Established in 2018, the IFS Kashmir chapter has progressed to hold the national level and has become an important organ of the society in the country.


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