Doctors thank LG, Secy Health, say this will boost their morale, improve patient care

Srinagar, Mar 02 :

In a commendable development, the Health and Medical Education Department has reverted junior doctors holding higher posts to their original positions.

According to details obtained by the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), over the past month, several junior doctors who were occupying higher positions have been transferred and posted according to their respective grades.

Official sources said that previously, a medical officer managed to secure a posting for a director-level position, which raised concerns within the medical community. However, these doctors have recently been reposted to their original positions.

Another medical officer had obtained a divisional-level posting despite being junior in rank, but similar corrective measures have been taken recently.

Many doctors, speaking with KNO, said it is important to recognise the expertise and dedication of senior colleagues. While aspiring for career advancement is natural, it is essential to value the experience of senior professionals, they added.

The decision to revert juniors to their original positions has been positively received, particularly since Dr Abid Rasheed assumed the role of Administrative Secretary of the Health and Medical Education Department, the doctors said, adding that the move is expected to boost morale and create a more supportive environment within medical institutions, which will ultimately benefit patient care.

Dr Gulzar Ahmad, a medical officer, said while most junior doctors have been transferred back to their original positions after holding higher positions, there are still some remaining. “They all must be transferred back to their original positions,” he said.

Doctors extended their gratitude to Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and the Secretary H&ME for these decisions. However, they urged for the timely transfer of those still occupying higher positions back to roles that align with their seniority.

Doctors also called for transferring those employees who have remained in the same positions for decades—(KNO)


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