Kishtwar, October 05, 2023-
In a remarkable display of expertise and unwavering commitment, the Kishtwar Police, has successfully recovered Rs. 91,000/- in defrauded funds, marking a significant victory in the ongoing battle against cybercrime in the region.

On October 02, 2023, the PP Jawalapur received a complaint from Mr. Irshad Ahmed Keen, son of Magta-Ju-Keen and resident of Sarpen Patnazi Bounjwah. He reported a case of online fraud involving the purchase of a cow and a total monetary loss of Rs. 1,26,600 spread across 04 bank accounts of fraudsters.

Under the directions of SSP Kishtwar, Sh. Khalil Poswal-JKPS, and the relentless determination and skill of IC PP Jawalapur, PSI Pintu Raina EXJ-196314, under the supervision of Dy. SP Hqrs Kishtwar, Dr. Ishan Gupta, the Kishtwar Police achieved this remarkable recovery of amount Rs. 91,000/- and rest of will be recovered soon. This success stands as a testament to the police force’s dedication to safeguarding citizens against online scams and financial fraud.

SSP Kishtwar, Mr. Khalil Poswal-JKPS, expressed his gratitude to the tireless officers involved in the case, commending their unwavering commitment to protecting the community from online threats. He emphasized the crucial importance of cybersecurity awareness among residents and urged them to promptly report any suspicious online activities.

Mr. Khalil Poswal-JKPS, SSP Kishtwar, urges all residents to remain vigilant, aware about cyber fraud, educate themselves about online safety measures, and report any cybercrime incidents without delay. By working together, we can forge a more secure digital landscape for our community.

In the spirit of appreciation, the complainant, Mr. Irshad Ahmed Keen, extended his gratitude in a video to the entire Kishtwar Police team for their relentless efforts specially SSP Kishtwar Sh. Khalil Poswal and IC PP Jawalapur PSI Pintu Raina recovering the fraud amount of Rs. 91,000/-.


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