Srinagar, Oct 20 :

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha felicitated the recipients of Pashmina Exporters Manufacturers Association Awards at Srinagar, on Friday.

In his address, the Lt Governor congratulated the award winners on receiving the prestigious award. He also commended the Pashmina Exporters Manufacturers Association for its immense contribution in promotion of Pashmina products.

The Lt Governor reiterated the commitment of the UT Administration for the revival of Pashmina industry.

Pashmina is an expression of our cultural heritage. It also contributes in J&K’s economy and empowers a large section of weavers and artisans. Kashmir is known as the Pashmina Capital of the world due to its traditional expertise in producing high quality Pashmina products,” the Lt Governor said.

He said the boom in the tourism sector and the successful conduct of the G20 Summit has increased the demand of J&K’s handicraft and handloom products.

We are extending necessary support and assistance to the artisans in terms of infrastructure, technology, capacity building and finances for the growth of this sector, the Lt Governor said.

He said the centre has granted a Geographical Indication (GI) tag to pashmina products. This legal recognition helps protect the authenticity of pashmina items and ensures that only products made in specific regions, like Kashmir, can bear the name “pashmina” to discourage imitation products and counterfeits.

“Efforts are also being made to conserve and improve the population of Changthangi goats, which are the source of pashmina wool. These efforts include breeding programs, improved animal husbandry practices, and creating sustainable grazing areas for the goats,” the Lt Governor said.

It is pertinent to mention that the government and other organizations engage in campaigns to raise awareness about genuine pashmina products. The Promotions highlight the cultural and economic significance of pashmina and the importance of buying authentic items.

The Lt Governor said that the Pashmina is not just a textile. “It is a symbol of Kashmiri culture and heritage. It is deeply woven into the cultural fabric of Jammu Kashmir. Its importance extends beyond the economic sphere to encompass cultural, social, and environmental aspects, making it a cherished and integral part of the Jammu Kashmir’s identity and way of life.”

The Lt Governor called upon the associations and stakeholders associated with the sector for connecting eligible artisans with PM Vishwakarma Scheme to transform lives of the artisans and craftspeople of the Union Territory engaged in 18 identified trades.

J&K Administration will also ensure increased number of stalls and shops during exhibition at Pragati Maidan to provide the artisans enhanced marketing opportunity and access to the global market as well, he added.

Artisans from the Union Territory were awarded with appreciation certificates and cash rewards in Master and Young Artisans in Sojni Craft and Kani Shawl categories. Lifetime Achievement Award was conferred to Gulam Hasan Shera posthumously.

Dr Hina Shafi Bhat, Vice Chairperson, J&K KVIB; Dr Arun Kumar Mehta, Chief Secretary; Vikramjit Singh, Commissioner Secretary Industries & Commerce; Tariq Dar, President, Pashmina Exporters Manufacturers Association, senior officers of UT Administration, Artisans and Craftspeople were present.


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