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Baramulla, May 16, 2024: What was supposed to be a political rally in Baramulla turned into a nightmare for residents, students, and patients alike as massive traffic congestion paralyzed the streets, leaving thousands stranded for hours.

The chaos ensued as roads leading to Government Medical College became gridlocked, with Khwajabagh, Sangrama, and Kantabagh bearing the brunt of the traffic snarl. Students, hoping to return home after a day of classes, found themselves trapped in a sea of vehicles, unable to move an inch.As the evening wore on, the situation escalated, with some students reportedly fainting due to the suffocating conditions. Ambulances, attempting to navigate through the jam-packed streets to reach the medical facility, faced similar challenges, exacerbating the plight of those in need of urgent medical attention

.”It was like being stuck in a nightmare,” recounted Sana, a student who was among those stranded. “We waited for hours, but there was no relief in sight. Some of my classmates even fainted from the heat and stress.”The lack of coordination and management compounded the already dire situation, leaving residents questioning the preparedness of authorities to handle such events. “This should have been anticipated,” remarked Bilal, a local resident.

“It’s unacceptable that people’s lives are put at risk due to sheer negligence.”Efforts to alleviate the traffic jam were hampered by the sheer volume of vehicles and the absence of alternative routes. It was not until late into the night that the congestion began to ease, allowing traffic to slowly inch forward.The incident has sparked outrage among residents and calls for better infrastructure and planning to prevent such occurrences in the future.

“This cannot happen again,” declared Sameer, another resident. “The authorities need to ensure that public safety is a top priority during events like these.”In the aftermath of the chaos, the blame game has ensued, with fingers pointed at both the administration and political parties responsible for the rally. “Who should we hold accountable for this mess? The administration or the political parties?” questioned Rukhsana, a woman who was on her way to GMC Baramulla for medical treatment. “Either way, it’s the common people who suffer.

“As the dust settles on one of Baramulla’s most chaotic days, questions linger about the adequacy of measures to handle emergencies and the need for greater accountability from those responsible for public safety.


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