Says Accidents Unfortunately Are Many Times Due To Unforeseen Factors and Road Behaviour Of Other Users

Srinagar, Jan 12 :

Jammu and Kashmir Police on Friday reacting to an accident involving former Chief Minister of erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti said ‘she is a Z+ category protectee has an extensive and sophisticated security arrangement designed to ensure her safety at all times’.

“Ms. Mehbooba Mufti, a Z+ category protectee has an extensive and sophisticated security arrangement designed to ensure her safety at all times”, reads a statement issued to GNS.

“Her security detail includes a team of 34 personnel, led by a Chief Security Officer of the rank of an Inspector. The security posse includes Personal Security Officers (PSOs) and a Close Proximity Team of specially trained personnel in close combat. It also includes protection on move to ensure her security on road journeys. She is provided double escort of eight personnel from paramilitary. Her residence at Khimber is guarded by a strong contingent of paramilitary guard personnel. Her security convoy comprises multiple vehicles, including a vehicle-mounted jammer to neutralize electronic threats”, the statement reads.

“There was a swift response post-accident by JKP. An alternative vehicle was deployed within an hour. It is noteworthy that the accident happened at Bijbehara which is at a distance of approximately 50 kms from Srinagar from where the Special BP vehicle was despatched.”

“Some of the claims made by the party in the open media about what is part of Z+ security are not factually correct. Ideally security arrangements of senior protected persons are not discussed in the public domain. However, it has become necessary to reassure our protectees, including party functionaries of PDP, that the security arrangements for Ms. Mufti were and continues to be very much in place”, reads the statement.

“Accidents unfortunately are many a times due to unforeseen factors and road behaviour of other users”, the statement reads further.


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