‘Gulmarg a place every foreigner must explore, enjoy; world a family, borders becoming irrelevant’


Srinagar, Feb 23 :

In the jam-packed winter wonderland of Kashmir, Gulmarg, a strong voice is echoing from the snow clad meadows and slopes: “It’s time for negative travel advisories to go and all nature loves across the globe to visit the Gulmarg and enjoy the nature.”

A group of skiers from Japan, while speaking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that Gulmarg is a place where nature is at its best. “The altitude of slopes, snow accumulation, tracks and huge alpine trees give a feeling of paradise. Though there is a scope for further improvement of tracks and building more infrastructure for tourists, this place is breath-taking,” said a skier from Japan, Yamamoto. He claimed that he has been visiting Kashmir frequently.

“I am a traveller and a nature lover. I believe Gulmarg has a huge potential to lure international tourists. This place needs more infrastructure to host tourists from all over the world. Skiing is something that is gaining momentum here and we are loving it,” he said.

Asked about the negative travel advisory imposed by the European Countries that prevent its citizens from visiting Kashmir, the Japanese skier said that the world is one family. “Countries are getting closer, so are the people. Borders are becoming irrelevant and people are enjoying the travel across the globe to explore the places all over the world. Negative travel advisories must go now and people from all over the world must visit Kashmir and Gulmarg to enjoy the snow. If one wants to see nature so closely, Gulmarg is the best place….”

Isamu, another skier from Japan, said that he has travelled to New Zealand, Canada, United States and France also in the past over two decades. “I am indeed impressed by the beauty of Gulmarg. This is my first visit to Kashmir. This place is no less than a heaven. I will tell my friends in Japan to visit Kashmir in large numbers. It’s a safe place and beautiful as well. People from the US and France should also come here,” he said. “People here are so caring. In the rest of the places, nobody cares for tourists much. Here, locals are very supportive and hospitable.”

For another Japanese skier, Haruto, the J & K government needs to set up more hotels and guest houses for the foreign tourists. “People are travelling from one country to another without much hassle. Borders are just a name for those who love to travel. I have been to 12 countries in the past 25 years. I love Canada and New Zealand. My home country Japan is also beautiful,” he said. “People across the globe must visit Gulmarg, explore its beauty and enjoy skiing and other adventure sports here. This place is heaven. With snow all around, it looks like white painted paradise.”

It may be recalled that countries like the United States, France, Australia and the United Kingdom have imposed advisories on its citizens that bars them from visiting Kashmir. The J&K administration has been hoping that the successful G-20 Tourism Working Group (TWG) held in Srinagar in May last year, has proven a game changer as the countries continuing with its negative travel advisories were expected to lift the ban and allow its citizens to visit Kashmir.

Last year, as per official figures, 55,000 foreign tourists visited Kashmir and the administration believed it was the directed outcome of the successful G-20 TWG meeting in Kashmir. This year, the administration in J&K is eyeing 2.50 Crore tourist arrivals including record number of foreign guests as well—(KNO)


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