Says committed to bolster party’s growth in Budgam; Resolution of public issues our priority

Budgam, April 26:

In a resounding display of the Peoples Conference’s burgeoning influence, Provincial President Mohammad Khurshid Alam took center stage at a prestigious public meeting organized by Incharge Constituency Budgam Ghulam Mohiuddin Dar at Nagradhkhah.

The event marked a pivotal moment as the PC welcomed a significant influx of new members, including the entire unit of the National Conference from Nagradh Budgam, led by the senior-most NC leader Ghulam Mohammad Wangnoo.

Addressing the gathering, Alam extended a warm welcome to the new colleagues, assuring them of a transformative change within the PC’s ranks.

“Our party will bring an entire change in the relationship between its workers and leadership. All workers, small or big, will feel dignified in the family of PC,” Alam declared, emphasizing the party’s commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and respect for all its members.

Outlining the PC’s manifesto of dignity and development, Alam underscored the party’s unwavering focus on addressing local issues, irrespective of their scale.

“From addressing basic civic amenities to tackling larger developmental challenges, we are committed to leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of upliftment for every corner of this region. PC understands that true progress stems from a grassroots approach, where even the most seemingly insignificant concerns are given due attention and redressal,” he said.

The event witnessed impressive speeches by prominent party figures, including Syed Hilal Parvaiz and Ghulam Mohammad Wangnoo, who joined the PC under Alam’s leadership, reposing their full faith in the qualitative leadership of party president Sajad Lone.


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