Rural, unmetered areas to face below 6 hours curtailment



In its endeavors towards providing respite to consumers from scorching hot weather prevailing in Jammu region, the Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Department (JKPDD) has announced that there will be no power curtailment in Jammu City from 20th June onwards.

According to an official communique received here today in this regard, the power cut shall be restricted below 6 hours rural and unmetered areas.

This improvement in power supply situation has been attributed to certain recent developments in power sector of Jammu and Kashmir like J&K’s own power generating plant i.e. 900 MW Baglihar HEP, which was generating at a reduced capacity due to low discharge of water in river Chenab, has now picked up and generating power at its full rated capacity.

Similarly, the power allocation from Government of India has increased by 200 MW from Hydro generating stations located outside J&K from where J&K imports power, due to improved generation in central Sector hydro generators such as Naptha Jhakri, Koldam and Tehri. Additionally, there has been an improvement in thermal generation also by around 60 MW, leading to higher allocation of power to J&K.

JKPDD spokesperson elaborated that in the present era of digitalization, stringent payment security mechanisms have been introduced by the power generating companies (gencos), whereby, JKPDD has to make advance payments to the gencos for procurement of power. It is worthwhile to mention that the power procurement price from market is also soaring high with average per unit price ranging from Rs. 5 to Rs. 7, against which J&K is charging heavily subsidized average tariff of Rs. 3 only per unit from the residential consumers.

In light of above, the JKPDD spokesperson has appealed the general public to use power judiciously and pay their electricity bills in time enabling JKPDD make timely payments to gencos and ensure smooth power supply to consumers during these peak summer days—(KNO)


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