Notwithstanding the deterioration of resources and negligence of developing a proper tourist infrastructure in north Kashmir’s Tangmarg region which is famous by virtue of Worlds one of the best tourist destination, Gulmarg, former trade union leader and Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum Abdul Qayoom Wani took a dig on the successive regimes of J&K for not only devaluing the treasures of the area but alleged that the successive regimes have failed to uncap the new potential places of the tourism in the area and have failed in developing an ecofriendly tourist accommodation in the areas far from Gulmarg to cater the problem of accommodation.
In an interview to a local media organization, Tameele Irshad, Wani raised some vital points with regard to the development of the area post COVID situation as the tourists were expected to visit Kashmir to flare up the economy of the people in general and in particular of those who were associated with tourism in Kashmir viz Shikara walas, Transporters, Pony Walas and business vendors.
Wani advocated that now the time has reached to develop the adjoining villages as tourist villages to cater the rush of tourists which Gulmarg alone does not withstand, he said the untapped tourist destinations like Gogaldara, Badrekoot, Chake Fraste Reshi and Ninglinallah must be developed into the tourist places by way of making hutments there instead of the concrete hotels, the hutments should be ecolo-friendly.
Criticizing the govt policies with regard to the utilization of the resources of the area JKCSF Chairman said that the water of Nallah Ferozpora which was once so pure that it was used for drinking without any filtration, is now dirty allover to the extent that now fish is in danger as it has become a sewage drain as all garbage is being dumped into it by and no govt agency cares.
Wani said there were no public convenience points from Narbal To Gulmarg on the road sides which was a shame while as crores of rupees was wasted on the street lights which was not a priority.
When asked what was Jammu Kashmir Civil Society Forum doing for the betterment of environment and the what was its role, Wani replied that JKCSF was against all wrongs viz drug addiction, corruption, nepotism, polluting water bodies, dumping garbage in open, devastating forests and snatching livelihood of poor and needy. Wani said there should be a proper management of receiving tourists at places like Tangmarg with discipline and dignity and for that matter govt should streamline the system by constructing compartments and devising schedules in a proper way under a roster system.
Wani urged upon the govt to relax the norms for entrepreneurship and in releasing of loans to the youth who want to set up business units in tourist destinations. Wani said J and K Bank has a pivotal role in this sector for it is the people own bank as people have contributed to this bank go considering its own bank.


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