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Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Vice President, Omar Abdullah, pressed on with his election drive, engaging crowds in Uri and Wagoora within North Kashmir’s Baramulla district. Alongside stirring election rallies, he orchestrated road shows and public congregations, amplifying his campaign outreach.

During his fervent addresses at Uri and Wagoora Sangrama, Abdullah expressed deep concerns about the tumultuous period gripping J&K. He decried the displacement of people from their lands and the incessant assault on religious sentiments. Abdullah vehemently attributed these challenges to the BJP’s self-serving political motives, urging accountability from parties symbolized by the apple, batball, and bucket.

The event in Uri was organised by District President Baramulla and in-charge Uri, Dr. Sajjad Shafi. Notable attendees included Additional General Secretary Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, Treasurer Shammi Oberoi, and Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Monga and Sheikh Aamir.

In Kreeri-Wagoora, the proceedings were spearheaded by NC’s dynamic face Naseer Ahmad Rather, senior activist Khawaja Muhammad Yaqoob Wani, with North Zone President Javed Dar, Adv Showkat Mir, and Irshad Rasool Kar gracing the occasion.

Criticizing the People’s Conference, Omar Abdullah while addressing the huge gathering said, “These people talk about Dignity and Development, meaning self-respect and development, but I fail to understand why don’t PC people have their founding father’s pic on their flags and posters? A person who doesn’t respect his father, how can an ordinary person expect respect from him?”

He said, “Has he spoken when injustice was done to Uri when cross-border trade was stopped here when border tourism was stopped here, did this apple man speak at that time? He pretends to be the younger brother of the Prime Minister, couldn’t he talk to his elder brother at that time and bring relief to the people of Uri? How is he asking you for votes today?”

Omar Abdullah said that the PDP candidate who stood here, as a Rajya Sabha member, was absent every day when a vote against a BJP bill was to be voted on. “Nothing will be gained by tearing clothes and pretending, will the electricity come here by tearing clothes? Will tearing clothes get a job? Ask the person what did he do apart from tearing his clothes. Did they vote against the election of the Vice President and bills like triple talaq of the BJP?”

In his impassioned plea to voters, Abdullah stressed the significance of judicious voting in the impending elections, underscoring the need for substantive action beyond mere rhetoric.


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