Srinagar, Dec 21:

Days, after a case of cheating and fraud was registered by police against ‘Curative Survey Private Limited’ for duping naïve subscribers of their hard-earned money in Jammu and Kashmir, the Cyber Police Kashmir on Thursday, sought cooperation from people and urged them to share the details related to the sham company.

In an appeal to the victims and the general public, the Cyber Police Kashmir in a tweet said: “If you’ve been affected by the recent online financial scam or have info related to it, your contribution is crucial! Share details with us to aid our investigation,” the Cyber Police said adding that this information matters and together, they can combat cyber fraud.

It further said that the input from people can make a difference.

As reported already, Cyber Police have already conducted raids at different locations in Jammu and Kashmir and have frozen the bank accounts of the fraud company.

Cyber Police have called dozens of persons for questioning. An official confirmed to the news agency Kashmir News Trust that Kashmir-based employees and some online ‘influencers’ who promoted this sham company in Kashmir have been questioned so far.

Reports said that the sham company availed the services of some online ‘influencers’ (two from Kashmir and one from Jammu) to promote their company and their fraud schemes before its registration.

Reports further added that the sham company was run by outsiders who mostly belong to Southern Tamil state. Police are trying to find whether the company operators were alone in looting the general public or they did it in connivance with some locals.

The company exhorted the common public to register on its website and become partners in surveys it was undertaking. The registered individuals were promised payment for undertaking those surveys.

The sham company has siphoned off several crores of rupees from investors. [KNT]


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