Renowned urologist Dr. Saleem Wani champions organ donation, emphasizing religious support to save lives, brain stem deaths can save eight lives 

Syed Imtiayz


In a concerted effort to raise awareness about organ donation, the State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (SOTTO) organized a day long organ donation awareness program on Monday at GMC Handwara.

The awareness program was attended by large number health professionals including doctors and numerous medical students, providing them with invaluable insights into the critical significance of organ donation. These future healthcare professionals were inspired and motivated to contemplate becoming potential organ donors, recognizing the substantial impact such a decision could have in saving numerous lives.

One of the leading figures in the medical community renowned Urologist/Kidney Transplant Surgeon Prof and HoD Urology/Kidney Transplant Unit SKIMS Soura  Dr. Saleem Wani, highlighted the acute necessity for organ donations in the Kashmir Valley. He shed light on the staggering demand for organs within the region, emphasizing the dire need for increased participation in organ donation initiatives.

In a compelling appeal, Dr. Wani called upon religious leaders, urging ulemas to incorporate messages promoting organ donation within their congregational prayers. He underscored the powerful potential of a single donor to transform up to eight lives through the generous act of organ donation.

The event served as a rallying point to spark discussions, advocacy, and a change in societal perceptions surrounding organ donation. It aimed to transcend barriers, encouraging a collective effort to save lives and promote the noble cause of organ donation in Kashmir Valley.

This proactive initiative by SOTTO and the impassioned plea by Dr. Saleem Wani have set the stage for a paradigm shift in attitudes toward organ donation, fostering hope for a future where more lives can be saved through the generosity and selflessness of donors.

“We have conducted 550 kidney transplant surgeries in SKIMS Soura. But we have to search for donors which is a problem as we need live donors. For this we are creating awareness about if individuals in critical conditions are declared brain stem dead and their families consent to organ donation, the organs retrieved could offer a second chance at life for multiple individuals in need of transplants,” he added.

Dr. Saleem Wani, in his impactful address during the SOTTO organ donation awareness event, underscored the concept of brain stem death. He emphasized that in cases where an individual sustains critical injuries and is reliant on a ventilator for survival, with minimal chances of recovery; their situation can present a unique opportunity to potentially save the lives of multiple individuals.

Dr. Wani emphasized the concept of brain stem death, particularly in cases where individuals suffer critical injuries, necessitating life support through ventilators, with bleak prospects for recovery. He brought attention to the profound opportunity that arises in such circumstances—a single individual, sustained by machines, could serve as a beacon of hope for up to eight other lives through the selfless act of organ donation.

Dr. Saleem Wani delivered a stirring message regarding the religious perspective on organ donation, emphasizing that every major religion, including Islam, permits and even endorses the act of organ donation.

Dr. Wani highlighted that Islamic countries across the globe actively participate in and support organ donation initiatives. He emphasized the religious backing and the moral imperative for individuals to step forward and support this noble cause, considering the immense impact it has in saving precious lives through the generous act of organ donation.

His poignant address sought to dispel any misconceptions or reservations regarding organ donation within the context of religious beliefs, emphasizing that organ donation aligns with the principles and values of Islam and various other faiths. Dr. Wani’s clarion call aimed to encourage the local community to embrace this noble act, emphasizing that it aligns with religious teachings and ethics.

His compelling narrative shed light on the humanitarian aspect of organ donation, transcending religious barriers and uniting people in a collective effort to save lives. By underlining the religious acceptance of organ donation, Dr. Wani aimed to motivate individuals to come forward and participate in this altruistic endeavor.

The event served as a platform to foster understanding, dispel myths, and instigate a shift in mindset, encouraging the community to consider the profound impact of organ donation in alignment with religious teachings, ultimately leading to the preservation and enhancement of precious lives through this selfless act of generosity.

By stressing the significance of these donations in such circumstances, Dr. Wani aimed to educate the audience about the profound impact a single donor could have in improving and saving multiple lives. This understanding is pivotal in encouraging individuals and their families to consider the noble act of organ donation, even amidst the tragic situation of a loved one’s critical condition.


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