Waseem Majnoon Mir

Kupwara, Oct 05

: Chief Secretary Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta on Thursday said that over 2.50 lac jobs were given to undeserved through backdoor channels by past regimes in the Union Territory of J&K.
“I feel ashamed to say that over 2.50 lac undeserved candidates had been given government jobs in J&K through illegal and backdoor means,” Chief Secretary Dr Arun Kumar Mehta as per KNS said while speaking to an event held in north Kashmir’s Kupwara.
He said the present dispensation led by Lieutenant Governor is committed to provide dignified livelihood means to educated youth and is firm to put an end on illegal and backdoor appointments. “No job will be provided through backdoor means. Poor children who were being deprived in past will be given due rights and jobs now,” Mehta said.
He added some elements are spreading lies about government that it has stopped recruitment processes “but I want to put facts to fore that 30,000 jobs were given to J&K youth in last three years”.
He also added that gone are those days when government jobs were given on nepotism and corruption and rights of poor were being snatched. “Those deserve government jobs will be given due rights where as those don’t deserve should opt other means of livelihood. It is better to go with some business instead of holding a dailywage post,” Mehta continued. (KNS)


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