Prof. Saifuddin Soz, former Union Minister Tuesday said that senior political leader Muzafar Hussain Beigh is utterly wrong in claiming that Article 370 is gone forever.

In a statement to news agency Kashmir News Trust, Soz said that his attention has been drawn to Muzaffar Baig’s statement that Article 370 of the Constitution of India is gone.

“He must see world history and realize that a “Peoples’ Court” is always supreme. It is a Peoples’ Political Struggle on ground that has always brought desired changes in the system.”

He said: “Our legal experts should extend support to the “J&K Peoples Political struggle for protection of their plank for “Internal Autonomy”.

“Even our popular leadership had taken notice of the fact in 1947 that Maharaja Pratap Singh to Maharaja Hari Singh, had decisively protected the Internal Autonomy of the State.”

“Should we not take notice of the fact that Maharaja Hari Singh had initially acceded to India in three subjects only – Defense, communications and Foreign Affairs and it was during Maharaja Pratap Singh’s time that the need to protect privileges of the natives was felt?”

Soz said: “We must also remember it always that we had only Acceded to India while all other states had Merged with India! That is the fundamental fact about our accession to India.”

He said that the Union Government seems to be oblivious to the Constitutional relations between the people of the J&K State and the Union of India. (KNT)


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