Situation under control, vaccination being done on war footing basis: Officials

Naveed ul Haq

Budgam, Aug 26 :

People associated with dairy farming are worried as new cases of lumpy skin disease have been reported from various parts of central Kashmir’s Budgam district.

In a concerning development, multiple cases of lumpy skin disease have been reported from various parts of the district, which has sent shockwaves among individuals associated with dairy farming.

Locals told the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), that the sudden surge in cases has raised alarms within the locals associated with dairy farming or having livestock.

“Two weeks ago, my heifer contracted Lumpy skin disease. Since then, she has received expensive treatment even though she has recovered. However, even after her recovery, she passed away, and there are several other cows in the neighbourhood who also have the same illness,’’ Ab Qayoom, a resident of Namtehall told KNO.

“My heifer was worth 50,000 but when the same would have given birth and given milk, it would have cost at least 150, 000,” he said. “We have two cows and one among them is providing milk, which keeps everything running smoothly at our house. However, ever since she fell ill, she has stopped producing as much milk, and we have had to spend a lot of money on her medications. We are not only afraid that she will die but we are also afraid that this disease will spread to other cows as well.”

When contacted Joint Director of Institute of Animal Health and Biological production (IAH & BP), Dr Tariq Parvez, he said that, in a recent time 52 cows have been infected by lumpy skin disease in Budgam and out of them, 31 cases have particularly found in Chadoora division, among them 15 cows who were pre vaccinated have been recovered so far.

“101700 doses of vaccines have been given to district Budgam among which 63647 have been consumed and the general public is requested that the vaccine is fully available and make your animals vaccinated. In case there are any symptoms found in animals, segregate them from other animals as immediately as you can and contact the department for the treatment,” he added.

He said: “Experts and officials are closely monitoring the situation. Adding that the efforts are being directed towards the immediate containment of the disease.”

Meanwhile, Chief Animal Husbandry Officer Budgam Farooq Ahmad told KNO that after reporting some sporadic cases of LSD, they have swiftly responded to the situation, working to contain the spread of the disease. “A vaccination drive is being done on the war footing basis in the whole district to prevent it from further spread,” he said. “People need not to worry as only few Sporadic cases have been reported and even the recovery rate from the disease is good after the treatment and vaccination, even though people having live stock should come forward and vaccinate their animals without the fear that their animals may produce less milk

Authorities have urged the dairy farmers and livestock owners to remain vigilant and promptly report any signs of the disease in their animals—(KNO)


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