Manual filing of Property returns to be dispensed

Online filing to facilitate access and monitoring details



As a major relief to 4.5 lakh employees serving in various departments across the UT of J&K, Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta launched an online portal for submission of yearly property returns mandated by the Employees Conduct Rules. It replaces the existing cumbersome system of manual filing and is aimed at ensuring the ensure timely compliance by all government employees.

The Additional Chief Secretary, Finance Department, Principal Secretary, General Administration Department, Director, Anti Corruption Bureau, CEO, JAKEGA and Director, IT&SS, University of Kashmir were present on the occasion.

The portal has been developed as a collaborative venture between the General Administration Department, Information Technology Department, Anti-Corruption Bureau, and the University of Kashmir and is extremely convenient and user-friendly.

The new portal will facilitate access and monitoring of the property details of all employees especially while processing vigilance clearances in their favour, besides assisting the Anti Corruption Bureau in investigating the cases of disproportionate assets expeditiously.

The Government employees can conveniently log in using their CPIS No. and OTP verification, fill up/submit their property return statement, and download/take print of the same for record-keeping. Similarly, the DDOs can also monitor and assess compliance from all concerned employees.

The Government employees can now submit their property details on the portal, for the calendar year 2021 between 1st and 31st January, 2022.


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