Three critically injured reffered to GMC Baramulla

Reyaz Rashid


At least seventeen persons including three women and two children besides several animals were mauled by a rabid dog in Heewan, Fathegarh and Sheeri villages of Narvaw Baramulla on Thursday creating panic in the area.

Locals said that a rabid dog created horror and panic gripped Heewan, Fathegarh and Sheeri villages when a dog went on a biting spree in Heewan village injuring seventeen people and few cattle in the villages of Narvaw area. The dog ran to adjacent villages Fathegarh and Sheeri where it bit several people including animals and dogs.

Locals said that people leaving for daily routine work and a teacher, a student on way to school are among seventeen injured after the rabid dog attacked them. The dog cashed people and bit all those who confronted it..

The injured were rushed to Sheeri hospital PHC Sheeri were doctors on duty provided them first aid and administered anti-rabies vaccine. And three critically injured were referred to GMC Baramulla.

“We received seventeen injured persons with injuries on face, legs and arms. All the injured were given first aid besides we injected them anti-rabies vaccine. After keeping them under observation for some time we discharged them from the hospital. However three critically injured have been referred to GMC Baramulla for further treatment,” said Dr. Azhar Majeed Medical Officer PHC Sheeri..

Meanwhile, the locals after informing police station Sheeri allege that nobody from wildlife or Animal Husbandry department visited the area as the no departments took the responsibility to deal with problem.


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