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Srinagar, Mar 07 :

As tensions rise between the National Conference (NC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) over seat sharing in the upcoming elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has intervened to facilitate dialogue between the two long standing rivals in Jammu and Kashmir’s political arena.

Sources told the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that the NC remains firm on retaining all seats it won in the previous LS polls, including the contentious Anantnag constituency, while the PDP seeks to contest from its former stronghold in South Kashmir.

Despite the PDP’s willingness to support the NC in other constituencies, the deadlock persists over Anantnag.

Concerns mount within the India alliance as the NC and PDP struggle to find common ground, prompting calls for intervention from outside parties. Rahul Gandhi, informed of the impasse, has been urged to mediate between the two factions.

It was informed further that Rahul Gandhi may speak with both Omar and Mehbooba to end the impasse and finalize the candidates between the two parties for coming LS polls.

Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami, a leader of the CPI-M, emphasizes the urgent need for reconciliation, urging both parties to prioritize the welfare of the people over internal disputes.

“It is imperative for these parties to set aside differences and work together for the greater good of Jammu and Kashmir,” Tarigami said, urging direct dialogue instead of public posturing—(KNO)


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