By Er. Farooq Ahmad

It is deeply concerning when success is attributed to “secessionists,” especially in the context of the voting patterns for the Baramulla Lok Sabha seat. Such attributions demean the vote and the voter. Instead of blaming external factors, the defeated parties should introspect on their failures and devise future strategies. Any politician making such claims should tender an apology.

Factors Behind NC’s Loss in North Kashmir

Lack of Credible Leadership: The National Conference (NC) failed to present a credible political figure from North Kashmir. They offered no practical solutions to problems arising from the abrogation of Article 370, resorting instead to superficial narratives like “B team” or “C team” labels.

Outdated Leadership: NC’s leadership has become antiquated. The party’s faithful followers are now considered irrelevant. Younger, educated members understand the mistakes better than their leaders, but their voices remain unheard due to the leadership’s arrogance. This has created a disconnect between the top brass and the grassroots workers, leading to a lackluster campaign.

Alliance with Congress: NC’s alignment with Congress, once considered untouchable, backfired. Congress workers did not support NC at the grassroots level, leading to a lack of cohesive effort.

Internal Fissures: Within NC, there are significant rifts. Senior and dedicated workers feel neglected and disrespected by the higher-ups, leading to internal discontent and weakened morale.

Disillusioned Youth: Young family members of NC veterans, especially those under 35, are no longer committed to the party out of conviction but rather out of compulsion.

The People’s Conference (PC)PC’s credibility took a hit when its leader remarked, “It’s not as important that I win as it is that Omar Abdullah loses.” Despite having experienced leaders, PC failed to convert their rallies and roadshows into votes. This indicates a lack of public trust in their narratives. The leader must recognize that he is not his father, the respected Abdul Gani Lone, and needs to readjust his strategies and organization.

The Decline of PDP: The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been a sinking ship for the past decade, with key figures either leaving or being ousted. Lacking prominent candidates, PDP was barely a contender in this election.

The Choice of the Youth:

The rise of a young candidate, a 23-year-old appealing for his incarcerated father’s release, sparked emotional support among voters. This phenomenon should not be trivialized as secessionist influence or hidden hands from Delhi. Instead, it reflects the youth’s emotional and sympathetic response to perceived injustice. Their support signifies a protest against those they believe are responsible for ongoing conflicts and hardships.

Women and Family Support:The appeal of the young candidate resonated strongly with women of all ages, who voted enthusiastically in his favor. Families with incarcerated children saw their own struggles reflected in his campaign, voting emotionally and en masse.

Challenging Misconceptions: Labeling the women and youth who supported this candidate as secessionists is unjust. These voters seek basic necessities like affordable food and utilities. Disparaging their choices could push them further away from democratic engagement. If former boycott supporters chose to vote, it indicates their pragmatic decision to select the lesser evil, not an endorsement of secessionism.

The Wisdom of the Voters:The people of Jammu & Kashmir have endured prolonged turmoil, gaining political wisdom in the process. They recognize and appreciate good governance, as seen in their admiration for leaders like Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, Jagmohan, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, and Ghulam Nabi Azad. The developmental efforts of the current LG administration are also acknowledged.

A Call for Introspection: Politicians and political organizations must understand the current political landscape and adjust their strategies accordingly. Demeaning the voter is self-defeating. The common people should not be underestimated or taken for granted.

Conclusion :My intention is not to offend but to provide a constructive critique. As an apolitical, conscientious individual, I aim to share my views for the public good. Politicians should heed these insights and work towards better governance and representation.

The writer is former Junior Engineer in PWD (R&B)department. He can be mailed at views expressed are his personal opinion, SNS KASHMIR, won’t be held accountable for the views and opinions expressed in this article.


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