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Baramulla: Amid rains, the serene surroundings of Sheeri village of Baramulla witnessed a poignant gathering at Mountain Valley Education Institute where the Sagar Cultural Forum organised a day long literary conference on Saturday to honor the memory of the late Ghulam-ud-din Gulshan of Zogiyar Sheeri- revered social and political figureThe event unfolded in two thought-provoking sessions.

The inaugural session commenced with Bashir’s eloquent presentation on the life and remarkable contributions of the late G D Gulshan. Sagar Nazir, the esteemed patron of the forum and a distinguished poet in the Kashmiri language, extended a heartfelt welcome to the esteemed guests, setting the tone for an intellectually stimulating discourse.

The subsequent session of the conference blossomed into a vibrant multi-language mushaira, presided over by the illustrious poet Bashar Zogiyari. Poets from diverse backgrounds, alongside enthusiastic schoolchildren and members of the community, graced the occasion with their lyrical expressions.

Among the luminaries who participated in the mushaira were Bashar Zogiyari, Sabir Shabbir, Nazir Talib, Mushtaq Kirmani, and many others, each adding their unique flavor to the poetic symphony.Noteworthy attendees included journalists who were honored for their exemplary contributions to journalism, underscoring the forum’s commitment to recognizing excellence across various fields.

The conference concluded with a vote of thanks from Bashar Zogiari and brother of G D Gulshan Azhar Din who is head of girl Islamic institution. The duo expressing gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions in commemorating the legacy of Ghulam Din Gulshan.The event served as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of literature and social activism, honoring the memory of a beloved figure whose influence continues to resonate within the community.

As attendees departed with hearts full of inspiration and reverence, the spirit of Ghulam ud din Gulshan Zogiyari legacy lived on, fueling a collective commitment to fostering cultural enrichment and social progress. In addition to poets, school children, a large number of common people participated in the mushaira.

Renowned poets Sabir Shabir, Nazir Talib, Mushtaq Kirmani, Abdul Rasheed Mintazer Haygami, Ulfat Gulshan, Sadia Shawkat, Munib Narawai, Ghulam Nabi Dilnawaz, Muhammad Akram, Malik Farooq, Sagar Nazir, Pampoosh Rashid, Tameel Bashir, Rasheed Kanspori, Ilham Narawai, Rahi. Naseer, Mushtaq Sarwar, Ghulam ud din Rather Baetaab, Malik Tufail, Ghulam Qadir Naz, Khurshid Alam, Rashid Butt, Arshid Hussain, Muhammad Al Haque, Reyaz Rashid, Bashir Mangwalpuri, Abdul Ghaffar Khaksar and many other dignitaries of the area were present during the conference. Several journalists were awarded for their best performance in journalism – at the end, the president of the forum.


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