Srinagar December 30 :

In a big political development, PC President Sajad Lone and Apni Party President Altaf Bukhari met at an undisclosed location in Srinagar. They met without aides and without any security. It was a one on one meeting. This meeting assumes importance as it comes in the backdrop of the upcoming parliamentary elections. 
According to sources, previously estranged leaders Sajad Lone and Altaf Bukhari met face to face after a very long time. They seem have expressed a desire to temporarily set aside differences and prioritize a collective fight against a common adversary detrimental to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Sources close to them emphasized that despite not being on talking terms for the longest time now, the leaders strongly believe that the common adversary, involved in actions like killings, unjust imprisonments, and imposing draconian laws on innocent Kashmiris, must be overcome. They’ve agreed that they owe it to the people of J&K that common enemy of people of J&K should not win by virtue of division of votes. 
Additionally, the source revealed that they also discussed the critical necessity of cleansing Kashmiri politics. “They intend to take other leaders on board and expose politicians who exhibit inconsistent behaviors. They especially felt that leaders who swear by sentiment by the day and enjoy the hospitality of agencies by the night need to be publicly exposed”, he added.
This unexpected turn in political dynamics bears the potential to significantly impact electoral outcomres.(KNS)


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