Sajad Lone pledges to voice people’s aspirations in the Parliament at Baramulla convention

Unveils developmental roadmap for North Kashmir; Commits to end NoC Raj & restore dignity

Srinagar, March 10:

Peoples Conference President Sajad Gani Lone made a resounding promise at the Baramulla worker’s convention on Sunday, committing to restore the region’s glory and voice the aspirations and hopes of its people on the nation’s highest legislative platform, the Parliament.

Addressing a grand convention of party workers in the Baramulla Assembly segment, alongside Senior Vice President Abdul Gani Vakil, General Secretary Mohammad Ashraf Mir, District President Baramulla Asif Lone, Constituency Incharge Uri Dr. Bashir Ahmed Chalkoo among others, PC President emphasized the significance of the upcoming Parliament elections.

“These elections will undoubtedly pave the way for the collective betterment of our region, provided the right choices are made by sending representatives who can truly convey the aspirations and pain of the people of Kashmir in the Parliament,” he stated.

Questioning the achievements of the National Conference MPs, who have been elected by the people for more than half a century, Mr. Lone criticized them for failing to meet the hopes of the people and remaining mute spectators to the issues concerning the people of J&K.

“There is a lot of pain, agony, and suffering among the people, and only those who understand it can truly speak up for them in the Parliament. Until now, MPs from Kashmir have consistently failed to uphold the public mandate, displaying blatant political ineptitude and willful improvidence,” he said.

Lone further asserted that NC has no moral ground to step into Parliament on behalf of Kashmiri people and sermonize others.

“I am deeply ashamed to cite RTIs revealing the questions asked by our MPs in Parliament over the past five years, as it underscores their incapability to fulfill the mandate entrusted to them by the people.”

During his speech, the PC President pledged to advocate for uniformity and equality before the law for all Kashmiris, who deserve the same dignity as any other citizen of the country.

He criticized the concept of the “NoC Raj” forced upon the people of Jammu and Kashmir, stating that it is against the concept of natural justice to hold a person’s son, brother, or relative accountable for their actions.

“Peoples Conference is resolutely committed to dismantling the insidious ‘NOC Raj system’ in Jammu and Kashmir. This system has not only dashed the hopes of our people but has also exacerbated their feelings of alienation. We vow to reinstate the dignity of our citizens, ensuring that they are not held accountable for the actions of others or distant past mistakes. Our ethos prioritizes reintegration over perpetuating further marginalization,” he emphasized.

Lone also unveiled an ambitious developmental blueprint for the North Kashmir Parliamentary segment, envisioning its transformation into a bustling hub for tourism and horticulture.

“When I speak of horticulture, it transcends mere apple farming; it embodies a comprehensive vision that includes high-density planting and organic cultivation. Our aim is to orchestrate a paradigm shift in North Kashmir, propelling it towards its rightful place of economic prosperity and developmental prominence. However, this journey can only materialize with your unwavering support, inspiring us to tread this path,” he declared.

Moreover, he noted that in recent months, PC has experienced a remarkable surge in public support. “With this enduring affection and backing, the party’s leadership is primed to spearhead an era of development and prosperity in the region, unmatched in history,” he emphasized.

Concluding his speech, PC President urged the people to make judicious use of their votes and encouraged them to vote in large numbers, believing it to be the key to realizing the change the party has envisioned.


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