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Fatehgarh,Baramulla, February 26, 2024 :Save Youth Save Future Foundation (SYSF) took a significant step towards community engagement by organizing the Mulakaat: Saamkunn te Bedar Gasun event at Auditorium Hall, Fatehgarh Sheeri. The event, held on February 26, 2024, brought together a distinguished panel of speakers, community leaders, and youth and women, to discuss crucial topics impacting the youth and society.

The event commenced with spiritual reflections through Tilawati Kalam and Naat e Shareef, setting a thoughtful tone for the day.

SYSF Chairman, Mr. Wajahat Farooq Bhat, opened the proceedings by providing an insightful introduction to the foundation and an overview of the Mulakaat event’s purpose.

On the occasion, Dr. Irfan Ahmed, Representative of Animal Husbandry Department, shed light on the initiatives and schemes implemented by the Animal Husbandry Department in Kashmir, contributing to the welfare of the community and particularly generating employment for unemployed youths.

Later, Mr. Mir Kaiser, Legal Probation Officer ICPS/Juvenile Justice, provided profound insights into the legal aspects of probation and juvenile justice, offering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in Jammu and Kashmir. He also shared the initiatives and schemes taken by the Government for the people.

Renowned Journalist Shahid Imran followed a discourse centered around the pivotal role of media in societal development, emphasizing its responsibility in creating awareness about initiatives and addressing pertinent issues.

Mr. Shameem Ahmed, Principal Government Higher Secondary School, Fatehgarh shared perspectives on the role and responsibilities of the education department in fostering awareness among youth and the public regarding government initiatives, with a special focus on students.

Mr. Aashiq Hussain Kar, Zonal Education Officer Narvaw, provided an insightful overview of the Right to Education Act under the National Education Policy 2020, contributing to the discourse on education reforms.

The event culminated in an engaging open discussion and a Q&A session, encouraging active participation from the audience.

SYSF Chairman, Mr. Wajahat Farooq Bhat, expressed gratitude in the Vote of Thanks, acknowledging the valuable contributions of the speakers and the enthusiastic engagement of the community.

SYSF remains committed to fostering dialogue, awareness, and positive change within the community. For media inquiries or additional information, please contact:

The event was also attended by other dignitaries like Renowned Educationist Reyaz Ahmed Ganie, Renowned Activist Dr. Manzoor Ahmed, and the event was hosted by Renowned Activist Zia Ul Islam Sofi and Moin Ahmed.


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