SIA has unearthed further assets of banned Jamat-e-Islami throughout UT of J&K worth hundreds of crores of INR.In a statement issued here by SIA witch reads ,

Today on 24.12.2022 in District Pulwama, Kulgam, Budgam and Srinagar, properties at a dozen locations worth INR 122.89 crores approximately after being notified by concerned DMs on the recommendation of SIA J&K, have been barred with restrictions on usage and entry. To choke the availability of funds for secessionist activities and to dismantle the ecosystem of anti-national elements & terror networks hostile to India’s sovereignty, following properties belonging / held by banned JeI J&K at above mentioned districts have been notified by concerned District Magistrates in exercise of the powers conferred by section 8 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 & Notification No. 14017/7/2019, dated 28- February- 2019 of Union Ministry of Home Affairs. These premises/ structures have been barred and entry and usage has been prohibited reads the notification. Besides “Red entry” to this effect has been made in the relevant revenue records. During the seizure proceedings it was found that about a dozen business establishments in Kulgam including shopping complex at Magam are currently running from these JeI properties on rent basis. After due diligence, it was decided that these would be allowed to continue so that private persons who may not have any connections with JeI and are only tenants paying rent to JeI, are not penalized and their livelihood not impaired. DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTIES District Kulgam: I. Non-functional Darsgah over 04 marlas of land under Survey No. 453 min at Nowbal Kulgam. II. Land measuring 14 marlas under Survey No. 735 min (Abadi Deh) on which a mosque & 04 shops exist at Qaimoh Kulgam. III. 01 building and 03 shops exists over land measuring 01 Kanal & 14 Marla under Survey No. 528 min at Redwani Kulgam. IV. Land measuring 01 marla undr survey No. 433 min on which 01 Kuthar exists at Hawoora Kulgam. V. Land measuring 16 kanals & 18 marlas under survey No. 1127 in town Kulgam.

District Pulwama: I. Al-Huda Health Care Centre, Shops & school building over land measuring 6 kanals 18 Marlas & 3.25 sirsai under Survey No. 734 (2 K, 10 M, 3.25 S), 733 (1 K, 16 M), 722 (1 K, 9 M) and survey No. 727 (1 K, 3 M) through Gh. Qadir S/O Ab. Salam Wani R/O Gusoo Rajpora & Gh. Ahmad Ahrar S/O Qutub Din R/O Shopian. II. 04 storey building on land measuring 1 kanal & 03 marlas under survey No. 3310/3129 at Awantipora through Ameer Tehsil Awantipora. District Budgam:- I. Land measuring 02 kanals & 11 Marla under survey No. 837 at Ompora Budgam. II. Land measuring 02 kanals & 09 Marla under survey No. 835 at Ompora Budgam. III. Land measuring 02 marlas & 136 sirsai under survey No. 835 min at Ompora Budgam. IV. Land measuring 01 kanal under survey No. 257 min at Pallar Budgam. V. Land measuring 06 kanals under survey No. 1057/534 at Chandpora Budgam. VI. Land measuring 01 kanals & 10 Marla under survey No. 778 at Sholipora Budgam. VII. Land measuring 01 Marla under survey No. 364 at Pethmakhama, Magam Budgam. VIII. Land measuring 06 Marla under survey No. 814/591 at Mazhama Magam, Budgam. IX. Madina Shopping Complex over 03 marlas of land under survey No. 2023 at Magam District Srinagar: I. Land measuring 01 kanal & 17 Marla under survey No. 279 & 280 Mosha at Khushipura Shalteng. II. Land measuring 01 kanal & 03 Marla under survey No. 276 at Khushipura Shalteng. III. Two storey residential house over 17 marlas & 199 Sft under survey No. 1388/307 at Barzulla South, Srinagar in the name of Syed Ali Shah Geelani & Firdous Ahmad Asmi S/O Gh. Nabi Asmi. search carried out in the house in District Srinagar figuring at para III, registered in joint ownership of Late Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Firdous Ahmed Asmi S/O Ghulam Nabi Asmi R/O Idd Gah, Srinagar, ground floor of which comprising of 4 rooms with kitchen and 2 bedrooms for residential purposes as per rent deed has been occupied by one Shahzada Aurangzeb S/O Hakeem Ghulam Nabi R/O Moolu Chitragam, Shopian.

since November 2018. The said Shah JeI and has also served as AmireAcademic Officer at JamaituZila District Shopian. He is presently working as Banaat ( a women college affiliated with JKBOSE and University of Kashmir) Lal Bazar, Srinagar si Principal at Sirajulnce 2020. Earlier he has also served as Uloom Shopian. A notarized Rent Deed has also been executed in this regard in September 2020 for a period of five years at a monthly rent of INR 1000/ . However, no rent has till date been paid.From the search carried out one Mobil phone of the tenant with one SIM inserted in it has been recovered & seized. P roperties set of properties in Districts Kulgam, Pulwama, Budgam & Srinagar of J e I are the to be notified in a series of properties belonging to Jamaate4 th Islami in UT of J&K . The action would uproot the menace of terror funding to a great extent in UT of J&K besides being a stepping stone in ensuring rule of law & a society without fear. Pertinently, SIA has identified as many as 188 JeI properties across the UT of J&K which have either been notified or are under the process of being notified for further legal action. These are as a result of investigation of case FIR n unber 17 of 2019 U/S 10, 11 & 13 of Police Station Batmaloo being investigated by SIA.


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