January 31, 2023

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SSP Baramulla Amod Ashok Nagpure interacts with journalists in Baramulla urges them to be fair judges without compromising on objectivity

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Reyaz Rashid

Baramulla: Terming journalists as custodians of narrative about any public institution, newly joined Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Baramulla Amod Ashok Nagpure- IPS urged journalists to be fair judges without compromising on objectivity while reporting.

SSP Baramulla made these remarks while interacting with journalists of district Baramulla at the Conference Hall in District Police Lines (DPL) Baramulla.

“I have served in different capacities in Jammu and Kashmir police at different places. I would love to hear from journalists about the public opinion regarding work and behavour of police with the common masses,” he added.

He informed that there must be cooperation and a rich relationship between media and police.

“You (media) are custodians of the narrative of any public institution including the police. I would urge all media persons to be fair judges to tell the truth. There would be no compulsion from the police side to conceal the truth,” SSP Amod said.

He further said journalists must stick to objectivity which includes fairness, factuality and report events in a neutral and unbiased manner.

SSP Amod Ashok Nagpure, further said, “I have informed my lower rung police officials to remain fair and stick to transparency. Media must tell the truth and point fingers if there is something wrong in our delivery and public dealing. Besides it where police do well it must be appreciated and highlighted to create a positive public perception.”       

He acknowledged that media often reaches even before police and reiterated the importance of coordination between police and media. 

Journalists working with different local and national level media organizations participated in the interaction program including President Baramulla Working Journalist Association Zargar Gulzar, Vice President BWJA Sajad Hussain and General Secretary BWJA and North Head Mirror of Kashmir Anzer Mohju, Advisor BWJA and senior correspondent Greater Kashmir Altaf Baba and other media persons. SSP Baramulla was flanked by other police officers.

President BWJA Zargar Gulzar apprised SSP Baramulla about challenges and difficulties journalists faced on ground in the district and sought timely dissemination of information from police.

“Journalists need information regarding various issues and events which needs to be provided on time and urged SSP Baramulla to cement the relationship between media and police,” President BWJA Zargar Association.   

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